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ZEISS MyoCare spectacle lenses for myopia management have sold one million pairs in just 14 months since

the lenses officially launched. 

With MyoCare spectacles, ZEISS combines more than ten years of extensive experience of high myopia lenses with scientifically based findings. The aim of ZEISS is to offer a highly effective and specific myopia management solution. ZEISS  MyoCare is the most comprehensive and effective solution for myopia management in children. At Aristone Optical ZEISS MyoCare lenses a £329.00.  MyoCare S (10 and above) £349.00.

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Myopia progression slowdown on average, compared to a single vision lens.

Highest Myopia slowdown that can be provided by an optical lens.


Of children fully adapt to MyoCare lenses within a day

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Benefits of Zeiss MyoCare lenses

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(Cylindrical Annular Refractive Elements)

C.A.R.E. structures trigger a signal in the back of the eye to slow down excessive growth of the eye and ultimately myopia progression.

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ZEISS ClearFocus design.

ClearFocus design, takes into account the optimal refractive correction according to the patient’s precription and the intended myopic defocus are maintained for all gaze directions.

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The design of ZEISS MyoCare lenses incorporates scientific concepts from proven scientific research, evidence-based learnings

Why MyoCare lenses should be your choice

Vision as good as with single vision lenses.

With a lens that is effective in managing myopia progression in children, it makes sense to also look at the comfort and vision experienced by the wearer. This is why the voices of the children are important.

98% of children claimed that their distance and near vision is very good when wearing ZEISS MyoCare designs, and 100% of children adapted to the lenses within one day.

Fun should never be restricted for kids! When wearing ZEISS MyoCare lenses children can still enjoy activities such as reading, outdoor play and sports.

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