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Making the choice to trust Essilor lenses isn’t just choosing a leader in prescription glasses – it’s choosing the lenses of a committed brand with a mission: see more, be more. With a track record of French design and lens production, dating back to 1849, our unique capacity for innovation allows us to continually develop the best vision solutions and to respond to all needs.

This is why, at Essilor, they believe that everyone, everywhere should be able to enjoy the life-changing benefits of vision correction and vision protection. Our mission is to help people see more, be more and live life to its fullest. Utilising their portfolio of lens technologies, they aim to enable people everywhere to learn, to work, to express themselves and to fulfil their potential.


Below is a summary of the lenses available at Aristone Optical and their prices. If you require more of a bespoke quotation,

please contact us.

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