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Berlin's Mykita Haus isn't just a name – it's a story. Born in a former daycare ("Kita" in German), their playful spirit continues in their designs. But a rebellious streak led them to forge their own path, establishing in-house production facilities. This unique blend of heritage and innovation defines who they are.



LINDBERG is born from an idea:
to bring an unseen level of craftmanship to the industry.
It is through this vision we define the pillars on which our brand stands:


Design defines LINDBERG'S unique aesthetic and sets them apart from competitors. By focusing on minimalist and elegant design, LINDBERG create eyewear that combines functionality with timeless style, reflecting LINDBERG'S commitment to craftsmanship and the Danish design heritage.

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LINDBERG constantly push the boundaries of eyewear technology. Through cutting-edge materials, manufacturing techniques, and design approaches, LINDBERG deliver lightweight, flexible, and customisable frames that redefine the eyewear industry and provide customers with exceptional comfort and performance.

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LINDBERG understand that every individual is unique. By offering a wide range of personalisation options, from frame styles and colours to lens choices, LINDBERG empowers customers to create eyewear that truly reflects their personal style and preferences, enhancing their overall satisfaction and confidence in their eyewear choice. 

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