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Why our children’s glasses are different.

Our children’s glasses aren’t just scaled down versions of adult glasses. A child’s face is developing and facial features have to be considered in order to give the best fitting. We work with specialist glasses makers such as MiraFlex and Lindberg Children. We also carry Ted Baker Children’s glasses for your fashion conscience little one.


Common eye problems in children

There are a number of common eye problems that we look for in children such as short sightedness (myopia), long sightedness (hyperopia), lazy eye (amblyopia), squint and colour blindness.

It is important to pick up and visual problems early on so that they can be treated before the eyes reach a maturity that makes it harder to be treated.

Signs of a visual problems in children.

Children are not always good at telling us that what they see isn’t normal. What is normal to child who might not have been able to see properly from birth?

Having said that there are signs that as parents we can look out for. These include;

  • Headaches

  • Rubbing eyes

  • Sitting very close to the TV

  • Hand-eye coordination problems

  • Problems with concentration when reading or writing.

If you see any of these on a regular basis, it might be a good idea to book you child in for a routine check. If we suspect that your child has any issues, we might refer them to your GP for further investigation. We also offer dyslexia screening with colour overlays. This is done privately and can reduce visual stress and improve understanding and speed when reading.

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To see the latest collection of MiraFlex Glasses

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Eye care is very important to a child’s development. Children learn by watching and interacting with people and objects around them, so if their vision is compromised this can directly affect their learning. Your child should have their first eye test at the age of 4. If you feel like you have noticed issues earlier on, please contact us and we can do basic tests. If we feel like there needs to be further investigation, then we’ll refer you to your local Hospital.


Kids take their glasses on and off a million times a day. Therefore, the flexibility, lightness and durability of the screw less designs are ideal traits for kids glasses. Another essential feature is the hypoallergenic quality of titanium, making the glasses skin-friendly.

Testing young eyes.

Children’s eye tests are different to adults. We use specifically designed charts and equipment. Children might not always be able to recognise letters so we have shapes and pictures that give us an accurate representation of what they are seeing.


Our Opticians are trained to test children in such a way that their eye test doesn’t feel like an 'eye test' and more of a fun visit with healthcare rolled into one.  

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